Solarpark Security is a specialist in security services. We are based in Hoogeveen and operate nationwide.
Our mission? To relieve our client of security concerns. It’s not for nothing that we say: #Ifithastobesafe.

Before commencing, detailed assignment instructions and site-specific risk assessments are completed by one of our guarding supervisors to ensure guards’ duties exactly meet site requirements. This starts with reporting directly to the Site Manager upon arrival to receive a briefing and, where possible, a site tour – with relevant risks noted and responsibility for keys accepted. With site patrol intervals agreed, officers check perimeter and gate security, plant, materials with any damage – potential issues or incidents are time-stamped in the site log book.

The specialists at Solarpark security play a central role in communication in the event of an emergency and act as the first point of contact for first aid and first aid issues.

In addition to the efforts of our people, Solarpark security offers a complete package of measures, such as the provision of access registration and camera systems. Our services are aimed at relieving you completely!

You deal with your business; we arrange safety!

We offer a range of security services centralised around high quality and top standards, our code of conduct remains the same for all security provisions. If you are looking for a professional security guarding service which you can rely on and take pride in making them part of your business, you are not going to be disappointed with us.

Our mission is to secure your business and assets whilst maintaining high professional standards which are expected from any world leading organisations.

Does your company or building require controlled access? Solarpark security’s security guards are the professional and ideal security hosts (and hostesses) to receive and refer suppliers, visits and/or relations. The perfect combination of access control, security and a warm and sincere welcome.

Together with you we map out the type of assignment and the expected visitor profile. We then select the Solarpark security employee who best suits the job and your organization.

That all our employees are excellently educated, trained and of impeccable behaviour is beyond doubt; that is a given at Solarpark security!

HSE stands for Health, Safety and Environment; a broad sense of safety that is aimed at constantly drawing attention to ‘safety’ and anchoring it in business operations.

Solarpark security is the undisputed specialist in this field. Our professionals manage every HSE issue from start to finish and take the complete HSE coordination out of your hands.

Do you want the security of your construction site to be clearly visible? That is possible with the strikingly present camera unit. The camera alarm system has 360 degrees all-round visibility and is equipped with camera detectors with a detection range of 20 metres all around.

The security cameras are clearly visible, so the cameras also have a preventive effect. Additional facilities are not required; the unit functions completely autonomously and is monitored from its own control centre.

Construction sites are regularly confronted with damage, destruction and theft. Securing the construction site is one of the specialties of Solarparksecurity. Our experienced employees know better than anyone how important compliance with legislation and regulations, such as the Wet Keten Aansprakelijkheid (W.K.A.), is for clients. In addition, they are at home in the world of supervision, security and they do not turn their hand around for the administrative elaboration of a report.

The specialists of Solar park security play a central role in communication in the event of calamities and act as the first point of contact in first aid and emergency response cases. In addition to the deployment of our people Solarparksecurity offers a complete package of measures, such as supplying access registration and camera systems. Our services are aimed at unburdening you completely! You take care of your business; we take care of security! You can rely on us.

Solarparksecurity is aware of the importance of integral security in the construction sector and takes responsibility for creating a safe working environment. It is for good reason that we subscribe to the Governance Code Safety in the Construction Industry. The exchange of knowledge and experience forms an important part of the code. We actively contribute to this.

Before we start working on your site, a security expert will always visit you to make a plan especially for your project.

Preventive security and ensuring that unwanted persons cannot enter your wind farm is our specialty.

With our man security and mobile security cameras we secure your wind farm at any time of the day.

Our mobile security cameras are available with their own sustainable energy source so that it is also possible to optimally secure your wind farm at all kinds of locations, remote or not. In addition, they are fully self-supporting and do not require a wifi connection.

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